Atkins Building Group

It’s as much about the process as it is the product.

About Us

Atkins Building Group is a South Australian family business that prides itself on impeccable service and quality.

Specialising in the design and construction of alterations, additions and new homes, we provide innovative solutions that not only look great, but suit the personality and needs of our clients.

We provide a complete in-house design service or we can work with you to bring your architectural plans to life.

Our History

Atkins Building Group was established in 1995 by brothers Peter and Mark Atkins, who each have over 40 years of experience in the building industry.

Carpenters by trade, Peter and Mark have applied their precise skills and comprehensive building knowledge to construct hundreds of eye-catching additions and homes across Adelaide and inner metropolitan areas.

An award-winning member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Master Builders Australia (MBA), Atkins Building Group has developed a rock-solid reputation for its original designs and meticulous attention to detail and continues to be a first-choice builder for discerning clients.

Our Values

Atkins Building Group is constantly challenging the boundaries of modern building design and employs quality construction techniques that exceed Australian standards.

We demand best practices from our carefully selected tradespeople and sub-contractors with whom we have developed lasting, long-term relationships.

Providing daily on-site senior supervision for every job undertaken, we offer expert building and interior design advice to customers throughout every project to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Everard Park Residence

Hinton Residence

Unley Park 1 Residence

Unley Park 2 Residence

Chua Residence

Hawthorn Residence

Bartolic Residence

Wild Residence

Doley Residence

West Lakes Shore Residence

Jaffer Residence

Myrtle Bank Residence

Thomas Residence

Gilberton Residence

Barber Residence

Hanna Residence

Grant Residence

Brady Residence

Hughes Residence

Skewes Residence

Yeatman Residence

Schumacher Residence

The Atkins Process

Step 1. Initial consultation

  • Advice and direction relating to the building process
  • Establish approximate building costs and timeframes

Step 2. Concept plan

  • Consultation and design fees charged
  • Meeting scheduled with Atkins Building Group designer Sam Jaffer
  • Discussion of needs and requirements
  • Formalise design brief
  • For addition or alteration projects, a site measure of existing residence is conducted
  • Concept plans prepared and presented for discussion
  • Concept plans finalised to your satisfaction
  • Approximate building cost established with Atkins Building Group director Peter Atkins

Step 3. Council planning rules consent

  • Council lodgment and drawing fees charged
  • Concept plans formalised for council application
  • Application submitted to council
  • Development plan consent approval granted

Step 4.Working drawings + building schedule

  • Drawing and engineering fees charged
  • Detailed building drawings prepared
  • Engineer engaged for soil testing and footing design
  • Final fixed price established and presented

Step 5. Council Building rules consent

  • Documentation submitted to council or private certifier
  • Development approval granted

Step 6. Contract documentation

  • Building contract prepared
  • Site meeting arranged to introduce Atkins Building Group supervisor Mark Atkins
  • Start date established
  • Construction commences

Although every effort is undertaken to follow this process, most projects vary in nature and complexity so this should be viewed as a guide only. Atkins Building Group will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies of or variance from this process.

Our People

Peter Atkins


Peter will make sure your job is accurately costed and properly documented.

  • Over 40 years building industry experience
  • Skilled business manager
  • Qualified estimator
  • Carpenter by trade

Mark Atkins


Mark will be your key on-site contact during construction of your project. You’ll see him most days.

  • Over 40 years building industry experience
  • Construction supervisor
  • Excellent building and product knowledge
  • Carpenter by trade

Sam Jaffer

Building Designer

Sam’s experience, knowledge and creative flair will add value to any design task.

  • Over 30 years design experience
  • Innovative and original style
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Comprehensive knowledge of construction techniques

Steve Atkins

Contract Administrator

Steve provides vital support to Mark to ensure that the correct materials are organised and delivered on time.

  • 18 years building experience
  • Qualified electrician
  • Construction support

Jen Atkins

Office Administrator

While you may never meet her, almost every time you call the office you’ll be assisted by Jen.

  • Receptionist
  • Accounts clerk
  • Office administration